All the exact measurements are listed in the description of each listing. Measurements are inches.

Sister Sizes

If a bra or a corset/bustier is sold out in your size, maybe we'll have your sister size.

Sister sizes are close to your regular size and give you the same fit as your current bra size with subtle differences.

If you usually wear a 32C, your sister sizes are 30D and 34B. Sister sizes may fit you better than your current bras size but it can also not fit perfectly so please keep that in mind.

Find your Sister size

1. Find your bra size on the chart

2. Your sister size are in the same row than your actual bra size


30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
30C 32B 34A
30D 32C 34B 36A
30E (DD) 32D 34C 36B 38A
30F(DDD) 32E (DD) 34D 36C 38B 40A
30G (DDDD) 32F (DDD) 34E (DD) 36D 38C 40B
32G (DDDD) 34F (DDD) 36E (DD) 38D 40C 42B
32H 34G (DDDD) 36F (DDD) 38E (DD) 40D 42C 44B
34H 36G (DDDD) 38F (DDD) 40E (DD) 42D 44C 46B
36H 38G (DDDD) 40F (DDD) 42E (DD) 44D 46C 48B
38H 40G (DDDD) 42F (DDD) 44E (DD) 46D 48C
38I 40H 42G (DDDD) 44F (DDD) 46E (DD) 48D